Tent Seating and Size Guidelines
5 ft Round Tables - Sit Down Dinner 15 Square feet per person
8 ft. Banquet Tables - Seating 8 10 Square feet per person
Meeting or Cathedral Seating (rows) 5-6 Square feet per person
Stand Up Cocktail Party 5-6 Square feet per person
Wedding Dance Area 2-3 Square feet per person
Dinner Dance Area 3-4 Square feet per person
Do not forget to add extra area for any accessories, such as podiums, wedding arches, stages, or your band.
5 ft Round Tables seat 8
6 ft Banquet Tables seat 6 - 8.
8 ft Banquet Tables seat 8 -10.
As a general rule of thumb, plan on one table per 10 square feet of tent space.
Example: a 20x40 tent will hold 8 tables. 64 - 80 people
Keep in mind this rule of thumb does not include any accessories; like a table for the wedding cake, or a serving table.
Let McGuffey Tents design your party layout with our CAD program. Contact Us for your custom design.
Allow this much room
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